Conjugal Harmony Profile Stabberella
Name: Stabberella

Age: 23

State: California

Convictions: Trespassing, soliciting, prostitution, drug possession and then my three strikes was all armed robbery whateva.

Hobbies and Interests: I like movie night and I always write letters to stars. Sometimes I get autographed pictures or letters back and I collect them.

Why I Deserve Another Chance: A few years ago this pastor started coming in to preach the gospel and ever since then my life has changed. He’s so smart and so hot I think of nothing but having his pious face buried in my mangy minge, even if all he ever does is blab on about God. You marry me and I’ll dream of you instead and we can be together all the time I’m allowed. My streetwalking days make me mushy but so skilled you won’t know it and the difference experience brings will make you insane with lust once you’ve had a taste of me.


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