Conjugal Harmony Profile Mama69
Name: Mama69

Age: 38

State: Washington

Convictions: Really it was just arson but it turned out his kids were in there so they said two counts murder one. Not very fair to me!!

Hobbies and Interests: I hide my food and take it outside to feed birds. Sometimes there’s squirrels too and I feed them too. I like to watch Law and Order and root for the bad guys too. Sometimes they get away with it and we all cheer.

Why I Deserve Another Chance: I might still be able to have a baby but probably not. You try that with me and I’ll let you do anything you want and we’ll get extra time together the first year after because of breastfeeding and I’ll get to stay in the nicer hospital area away from all the thugs too. It’s not too late for me but I need you for this.


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