Conjugal Harmony Profile ChestyHeavens
Name: ChestyHeavens

Age: 34

State: California

Convictions: I beat up this bitch cop with my bare knuckles and she died so I’m done for life.

Hobbies and Interests: I count everything. I count steps, cracks in the pavement, ants on the tree outside, peas on my plate, anything I can find to count I do it. We don’t get much to do in here.

Why I Deserve Another Chance: Life is nothing but a game of chance that’s why I’m in here and you’re out there. Give me another chance and I’ll make you wish you were in here with me more than 90 minutes every six weeks or that the damn judge would hear my appeal but he won’t because he’s a smart ass and they don’t like cop killers.


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